Digitally-based writing assessments: Who are the students left behind?

“Today’s students are digital natives. Their schools are usually equipped with computers, and digital tools are an integral part of the learning environment.” This reality has become a driving force behind the U.S. Department of Education’s push to transition the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) or the Nation’s Report Card from paper and pencil

Inflated grades on school report cards: Who are harmed the most?

Just as price inflation can harm individual consumers and businesses and slow economic growth, grade inflation can harm students, schools and slow the growth or advancement of the U.S. education system. Recent studies have found a disquieting trend: grade inflation happens in both high-poverty schools where there is a large proportion of ethnic minority students,

How relevant is parent engagement in school events to the “quiet revolution” in school discipline?

“In the past five years, 27 states have revised their laws with the intention of reducing suspensions and expulsions. And, more than 50 of America’s largest school districts have also reformed their discipline policies – changes which collectively affect more than 6.35 million students.” NPR (2017) called it a “quiet revolution in school discipline.” Some

How relevant is demographic change to disciplinary issues in public schools?

“Classrooms today look much different than they did even just a couple decades ago. The number of students of color enrolled in public schools … has increased, and they’re expected to be the majority of high school graduates by 2025.” This type of report is heard constantly nowadays. Racial diversity of student population certainly challenges

Expel, suspend, or prevent: What do data say about “violence things” in school?

“My perfect school would have everything except violence things.” This eloquent and succinct remark was made by an elementary school student (quoted by a study in 1998). School discipline is not a new topic, but school violence seems to be escalating in the 21st century. In 1940, the top school disciplinary problems ranked by teachers