The homework debate again?

The Associated Press last week ran a story called “Too much homework: Parents, schools seek balance.” Broward County, Fla., they reported, has approved the 10-minute rule (10 minutes of homework a night per grade). In Glenrock, Wyo., a no-homework policy was put in place. And the Colchester School District in Vermont enacted a policy whereby homework now counts less towards a student’s total grade (10 percent as opposed to its previous 40 percent).

These homework policies are all over the place. How, then, can a school board figure out the best approach to assigning homework? Although the link between homework and student performance is far from clear, there are some findings that can help inform decision-making around this issue. So don’t keep spinning around in the cyclone of debate. Check out the Center’s piece called “What research says about the value of homework.” It provides a summary of the most current research and suggestions for how to use it.  — Pamela Karwasinski

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