Walking in her father’s shoes

I have the sweetest granddaughter in the world! At 20 months, she’s at that stage where she does the funniest things, like walking around the house with her eyes closed because she thinks we can’t see her.

Lately she has taken to putting on her father’s shoes and walking in them. But is that really possible? Will she really be able to walk in the same “educational shoes” as her father?

The Center’s report on how globalization is changing the world suggests that it is highly unlikely. The job market is extremely competitive now. Imagine what it will be like when she gets out of school.

So what will she need? There was a time that simply being an American made success possible. But no more. My granddaughter will need more advanced science, math, and reading courses than her father had. That’s just common sense. More to the point, the courses she takes will need to help her develop higher-order thinking skills.

But that’s not all. In order for my granddaughter (and your grandchildren) to succeed, public schools are going to need to offer not only rigorous high school courses and curricula, but also have the ability and capacity to adapt quickly to a changing economy and a changing world.

It’s hard to imagine what the future will hold. That’s why the Center for Public Education’s globalization piece is so important. Even with great information, though,  thinking about the future can be a little overwhelming. I think for now, I’ll just enjoy watching my granddaughter try to walk in her father’s shoes! — Pamela Karwasinski

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