Is a master’s degree worth it?

The Newark Star-Ledger reported recently on teachers and principals using “diploma mills” to get graduate degrees just in order to boost their salaries. The New Jersey Senate just approved a bill that requires those seeking advanced degrees to earn them from authorized institutions approved by their superintendents.

So far, so good. But that got me wondering about the worth of advanced degrees in general. The Center’s recent report on teacher quality reported an interesting distinction. Teachers with advanced degrees in the specific subject matter they were teaching — say, a math teacher with a master’s degree in math — were more effective teachers. Teachers with an advanced degree not related to the subject they were teaching were not.

Is it time for your school board to reconsider its policy on raises for advanced degrees? Sounds like it to me. –Rebecca St. Andrie

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  1. Montavious

    I totally agree. There is a certain teacher at my school who has a Doctorate degree. However, when she started teaching the classes at this school, we (as students) had to teach her how to run the class. Still to this day, she doesn’t know how to do anything in the class. It’s a disgrace and my local school board or principal have not picked up on this fact yet. It’s a disgrace!

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