D.C. teachers get pay for performance

Yesterday, the Washington Post announced that, after two years of negotiation, D.C. Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee and the Washington Teachers’ Union had reached tentative agreement on a new contract.

In that contract was an agreement for “a voluntary pay-for-performance program that will allow teachers to earn annual bonuses for student growth on standardized tests and other measures of academic success.”

I’m sure the program has yet to be developed, but two things are encouraging about that sentence. For one, it talks about student growth, not simply student test scores. Second, since it’s a voluntary program, it’s obvious that the program looks for teacher buy-in.

Pay-for-performance plans are a hot topic right now. The two features I mentioned above are two of the few things we know about what makes them successful. But how much more do we know about whether they really work? Read our full report, “Promise or peril? Teacher pay for performance.–Rebecca St. Andrie

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