Virginia high school gives all students a chance

J.E.B Stuart High School math teacher, William Horkan says, “Don’t be afraid to give students a challenge,” and that’s exactly what he does. Horkan invites all students, advanced or not, to take his International Baccalaureat Math Studies (IBMS) class. And students are living up to that challenge by not only doing well in his class, but passing the IB exam.

Horkan believes that all students “develop math talents at different rates,” and that just because a student may be tracked at a lower academic level in ninth grade, he or she shouldn’t be exempt from taking higher level math later on. The class has become so popular with students that the school has had to add another teacher.

Read the Center’s newest success story, Challenging students with math at J.E.B. Stuart High School, to find out more about how this school challenges its students and the lessons they’ve learned. ~ Pamela Karwasinski

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