Evaluating principals, too

Principals are finally getting their turn in the spotlight. The Connecticut Mirror recently ran an article highlighting a proposal I’m seeing more and more: evaluating principals according to students’ and teacher’s progress, just as has been proposed for teachers.

As reported, the proposed Connecticut plan “calls for student performance and test results to count for 45 percent of a principal’s grade. The remaining parts will be linked to superintendent observations and surveys of parent, peer and school employees.” Whether teachers are improving on their own evaluations also counts.

I’ll be interested to see what happens with this proposal. As always, at the Center we think it’s important to have any evaluation, especially one that includes student scores, be made up of multiple measures of performance. Read our report Building a Better Evaluation System to find out why. But the principal’s role in the school is one that has been overlooked for too long. As an upcoming report from the Center will show, principals have a significant impact on schools and student achievement. I think the Connecticut proposal would show the same thing. — Rebecca St. Andrie


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