Welcome CPE’s summer intern!

Hello, my name is Megan Lavalley, and I am very excited to be joining CPE as a summer intern. I look forward to contributing to and building upon the team’s valuable research on public education.

As a former teacher and graduate of the University of North Carolina’s School of Education, public schools are near to my heart. The needs of students, teachers, and school communities have been the driving focus for much of my current graduate coursework in Public Policy.

I have both taught and volunteered with students in a variety of situations—English Language Learners in urban north Texas; students experiencing homelessness in Fairfax County, Virginia; academically gifted students in suburban North Carolina—and have come to recognize that no two communities are alike. The issues facing each school will be just as unique as the makeup of its student population.

With this understanding of the differences reflected in our school communities, I aim to find areas of commonality. I hope to provide analysis that recognizes the unique needs of all students and points to policy considerations relevant to all public schools.

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