Welcome our summer intern!

Hello, my name is Annie Hemphill and I am a new summer intern at the Center for Public Education.  I am very excited to have the opportunity to add to all the existing work that CPE has done on public education.

Before coming to CPE, I graduated from the Institute of Education at the University College London with a master’s degree in Comparative Education.  During my program, I studied education policies and public education systems in countries throughout Europe and Asia to gain a global perspective that informs education policies that are effecting the U.S.

I taught for two years in a public school in Tulsa, Okla. through Teach For America and have had multiple experiences volunteering in public schools in Colorado.  I have worked in different types of public schools ranging from the affluent suburbs to a high-needs school in Tulsa.  Through this I have seen the differences that exist in the public schools, and the various challenges that can be shaped by context.

Utilizing my background in the United States public education system and international education research, my goal is to look at public education in a new way.  I want to find the similarities between the education system in the United States and those abroad so we can learn from one another and enhance the research on public education.

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