Virginia high school gives all students a chance

J.E.B Stuart High School math teacher, William Horkan says, “Don’t be afraid to give students a challenge,” and that’s exactly what he does. Horkan invites all students, advanced or not, to take his International Baccalaureat Math Studies (IBMS) class. And students are living up to that challenge by not only doing well in his class,

Modified tests for Pennsylvania special ed students

The Pittsburgh Post Gazette reported on April 18 that the state of Pennsylvania is offering modified state tests in math for all special education students, and it is field-testing simplified-format tests in reading and science for this same group. The modified tests, called PSSA-M (Pennsylvania System of School Assessment-Modified), are offered in an effort to

Standardized tests vs. skill development

North Carolina’s State Board of Education is looking at “sweeping changes to the way it evaluates students and rates schools,” says the Charlotte Observer. The big question is, “what changes?” One of the ideas being floated is to have students take college entrance exams or occupational tests as a measure of student readiness for life