Giving up on play?

When my boys were school age, I along with a host of other parents collectively heaved our traditional September sigh, “Ah, the kids are back in school.” But as much as I reveled in that fact, I also mourned the loss of our laid-back summer freedom. With school came schedules, structure, and a loss of

Where did the summer go?

Although it’s just the beginning of August, some schools are back in full swing, with more opening up next week. Doesn’t it seem like kids are going back to school earlier and earlier? Which raises the question, “Are schools moving away from the traditional September-June calendar?” Not really, according to the Center’s report called Making

Helping ALL students graduate

In 2001, California’s San Jose Unified School District found that only 23 percent of its Hispanic students graduated with the requirements needed to enroll in one of California’s four-year public colleges. This is monumental, considering that the district’s Hispanic student population is a little more than 50 percent of the overall student population. On top

The homework debate again?

The Associated Press last week ran a story called “Too much homework: Parents, schools seek balance.” Broward County, Fla., they reported, has approved the 10-minute rule (10 minutes of homework a night per grade). In Glenrock, Wyo., a no-homework policy was put in place. And the Colchester School District in Vermont enacted a policy whereby