Pre-schoolers perform better in school

The Star-Ledger, a New Jersey newspaper, reports that low-income New Jersey children who attended preschool performed better in school. “The percentage of kids who had to repeat kindergarten or first grade was twice as high for those who did not attend preschool, as it was for those who started at age 3,” the paper reported.

Stepping out in style

Welcome to the Center’s newly redesigned web site! After three and half years and 900 pages of reports, stories, and studies, we knew we were starting to look like Grandma’s cyber-attic. So we’ve swept out the old NAEP scores and outdated reports, polished our treasures like research reviews on drop outs and class size, and

Lost summer time

Summertime and the living may be getting a little easier for kids than they thought it would, but they could well pay for it in the fall. The New York Times  reports this morning that deficits are prompting thousands of school districts to reduce or eliminate summer school. While it’s difficult to get exact numbers, large