Student Post-Secondary Expectations Increase Throughout High School

I believe there is something simple we can do to help students’ achievement of a post-secondary education.  Let’s improve their expectations!  Research shows that the level of post-secondary education that a student expects to achieve will grow throughout high school.  The National Center for Education Statistic’s study of 2003-2004 high school graduates tracked students through

Latino and African American Gains Help to Increase Graduation Rate

There is good news about public high school graduation rates.  On June 7th, Education Week released their annual special edition, Diplomas Count.  I find it very exciting that as a nation our graduation rate increased for the second year in a row to 73.4 percent.  This rise was supported by the 5.5 percentage-point rise in the

Charter Schools and School Competition

Few topics raise more debate these days than charter schools.  While most random assignment or lottery studies have shown significant positive effects for the students attending the charter schools, there is still debate about the effect that charter schools have on the traditional public schools in their district.  Some defenders of traditional public schools claim