What’s in a grad rate?

The Education Department is moving forward with plans to change how it calculates grad rates for colleges. It will no longer measure solely first-time, full-time students. As this article from Inside Higher Ed points out, many community colleges in particular have large populations of part-time or returning students. Four-year colleges often have many transfer students as

The Common Core: still a state initiative, not a federal one

Well, I suppose it was inevitable. The Wall Street Journal recently reported on backlash against the Common Core standards in its article, “School Standards Pushback.” Apparently some states, including South Carolina, are claiming that the voluntarily-adopted, state-developed, consensus-driven math and reading standards represent an unfair federal intrusion into local and state territory. Excuse me? As reported by the

Virginia Tech’s Math Emporium: Math in a mall

As a graduate of Virginia Tech, I was interested in the Washington Post’s story on online learning in its Math Emporium. I think the story points out some of the characteristics we’re discovering about online learning through our research. Briefly, the Emporium works like this: In a large, renovated department store inside a mall, computers