The silent achievement gap

I’m delighted to see our Chasing the college acceptance letter report making the rounds in the blogosphere and beyond. Some comments on those blog posts have made particular mention of the fact that it has gotten more difficult for qualified low-income students to get into a good college. This got me wondering as well, but unfortunately

What to expect from special education students

As a former special education student, I was quite pleased that the Center on Education Policy found that special education students have been making academic gains in most states since 2006. The bad news, however, is that special education students are still performing far below their peers. Of course many people are not surprised by

What do Dell, Microsoft, and Apple have in common? . . . Besides computers

All three companies were founded and led by college dropouts. That’s right; Michael Dell, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs all dropped out of college to become three of the most successful businessmen of all time. These are definitely three great American success stories. However, their successes are being used by some to argue that the