Is professional development a giant waste of time and money?

Recently, Frederick Hess declared in his blog that professional development is an easy but ineffectual answer to the problems in American education.  To some degree, I agree. In my time teaching, I have sat through some of the most ridiculous professional development sessions.  In one session, we were divided into groups and received a bag

What is it about Finland?

American education is suffering from Finn envy.  While the U.S. has been steadily but slowly climbing its way out of the mid-rankings on PISA — the international assessment of 15-year-olds — little Finland has been knocking the academic socks off of its OECD peers in math, reading and science.  So what do the Finns have

Misconceptions about new teacher evaluation systems

I was checking out Diane Ravitch’s blog and came across this posting about the dangers of the new teacher evaluation systems currently being implemented across the country. The post really caught my attention because it was written by JoAnn Bartoletti, executive director of the National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP).  In many of these