The future is still the future?

Honestly, I’m not a Luddite. But sometimes I feel like I’m playing one here at CPE. Last year we examined what was known — or more accurately what was not known — about online courses and cyberschools, and their overall impact on student learning. The report, Searching for the Reality of Virtual Schools, found that

Celebration of Increased Graduation Rates Should be Mitigated with Realities of Unequal Rigor

Yesterday the Washington Post reported that the Class of 2010 had more on-time high school graduates than any high school class in almost 40 years.  For those of us who’ve followed an unending stream of dire news about America’s public schools, yesterday’s headlines were a welcome change. The data comes from the National Center for Education Statistics, and

CPE’s newest intern

I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce myself.  My name is Allison Gulamhussein, and I’ll be contributing to the blog throughout this spring as I complete an internship with the Center for Public Education.  I’m excited to get the opportunity to dialogue with you about pressing issues facing America’s schools. Let me share a

CA Gov. pushes higher ed to reform model, offer more online courses

California’s economy has suffered a lot in the last five years, as its property values plummeted, unemployment rates soared, and chronic public debt threatened to take down venerable institutions and municipalities. More than any other system, public education has borne the brunt of these massive fiscal corrections. It’s not sustainable and returning Gov. Jerry Brown