Left in the margins

In my last blog post I briefly touched on how Asian American students are being missed by the data collection radar.  For the purposes of understanding the statistics more clearly, it makes sense to present information included in the report. The report, which was created by the  Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund is titled

More research on rural schools

In the nation’s imagination, rural schools are usually typecast as homogenous, outdated, and identical.  In truth, there are an equal percentage of minority rural students as there are rural students period, around 20%.  As far as the antiquated myth goes, due to their distance from and limited access to many of the physical resources that

The Center Presents at NSBA’s 2010 Annual Conference

In case you didn’t get to Chicago for NSBA’s 2010 Annual Conference, or if you just missed the Center’s sessions, don’t fret, you can find the presentations here. To check out Patte Barth’s session Planning for Pre-Kindergarten: A Toolkit for School Boards just click here. For Jim Hull’s session Meeting the Needs of Special Education