High performing students ≠ Highly effective teacher

Sheri Lederman may, in fact, be an excellent teacher. But the fact that her fourth-grade class performed well above the New York state average on both the math and English tests is not evidence of her effectiveness. That’s because overall scores such as these have long been known to be more a measure of the quality

The future of teacher tenure

Last week’s Vergara decision, where a California judge ruled the state’s teacher tenure law was unconstitutional sent shock waves across the education world. Debates simmered over what the decision would mean for teacher tenure in other states. The big question being asked: Is this the beginning of the end of tenure for teacher’s nationwide? Time

Misconceptions about new teacher evaluation systems

I was checking out Diane Ravitch’s blog and came across this posting about the dangers of the new teacher evaluation systems currently being implemented across the country. The post really caught my attention because it was written by JoAnn Bartoletti, executive director of the National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP).  In many of these