Hard to take new report on Khan academy and flipped classroom seriously

The report’s title caught my eye: One World School House vs. Old World Statehouse, The Khan Academy and California Red Tape. I’d interviewed Sal Khan, the founder of the insanely popular online warehouse of instructional YouTube videos, about a year ago Khan was one of the general session speakers at NSBA’s 2012 Annual Conference and

The future is still the future?

Honestly, I’m not a Luddite. But sometimes I feel like I’m playing one here at CPE. Last year we examined what was known — or more accurately what was not known — about online courses and cyberschools, and their overall impact on student learning. The report, Searching for the Reality of Virtual Schools, found that

Anyone Can Take Courses From the Best Professors in the World…For Free

There are several exciting new ways that anyone can take courses from some of the best universities and professors in the United States.  Best of all, they are free!  An article in today’s New York Times reports that Tuesday, a dozen major research universities are joining Coursera, a one year old company founded by two Stanford University