High performing students ≠ Highly effective teacher

Sheri Lederman may, in fact, be an excellent teacher. But the fact that her fourth-grade class performed well above the New York state average on both the math and English tests is not evidence of her effectiveness. That’s because overall scores such as these have long been known to be more a measure of the quality

Blame the adults not the tests

I have no problem with a debate about the proper role of standardized testing in our public schools. Standardized tests are not perfect but play a vital role in improving student achievement. However, exactly what role is not clear and is certainly open for debate. While Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post admits that standardized

Big Changes in Teacher Evaluations

Teacher evaluation has certainly been the policy topic du jour in recent years. The National Center on Teacher Quality (NCTQ) recently released a report which found that the number of states requiring that student achievement factor into a teacher’s performance has more than doubled in just the past three years. Specifically, in 2009, just 15

Poverty Not the Reason Teachers Labeled Ineffective

It’s no secret that most teachers are not fans of being evaluated based on student test scores.  This is true even though, according to the findings of an upcoming teacher survey from EdSector, the majority of teachers believe they should receive pay increases if they consistently receive outstanding evaluations from their principals . The survey also