Are your kids getting their fair share?

Now that school is back in session, you can bet that the issue of school funding will arise in school board and PTA meeetings. If you’re one whose eyes glaze over at the thought of dealing with this complex subject, we can help! The Center’s guide called Money Matters is just the ticket for understanding the ins and outs

Back-to-school guide

Labor Day has come and gone. Many students have been back in school for weeks. But the traditional end of summer is a good time to answer some questions parents, teachers, and students may have as they look ahead to a new school year. * For the child asking “Why do I have to do this stuff?”

Giving up on play?

When my boys were school age, I along with a host of other parents collectively heaved our traditional September sigh, “Ah, the kids are back in school.” But as much as I reveled in that fact, I also mourned the loss of our laid-back summer freedom. With school came schedules, structure, and a loss of

The Center makes the case for counting late graduates in EdWeek

The Center for Public Education made an argument in today’s  Education Week (registration required) on why schools should be given credit for students who take more than four years to graduate. Back in April, EdWeek published an article where several organizations expressed concern about allowing such credit to be given to schools. The Center certainly understands