The Center makes the case for counting late graduates in EdWeek

The Center for Public Education made an argument in today’s  Education Week (registration required) on why schools should be given credit for students who take more than four years to graduate. Back in April, EdWeek published an article where several organizations expressed concern about allowing such credit to be given to schools. The Center certainly understands

Public support for public pre-k

Support for early education is strong and growing, based on the results of the 2009 PDK/Gallup poll released last week.  A staggering 81 percent of respondents now believe that kindergarten should be compulsory for all children.  While most are not prepared to go that far for 4-year-olds, they do support making these preschool programs available for families

Smart kids left behind? Hardly

In a New York Times op-ed this week, Tom Loveless and Mike Petrilli claim that gifted students “suffer from benign neglect” since the enactment of NCLB. This should alarm policymakers, educators, parents, grandparents, college consultants…  If only it were true, that is. It’s not.   I’m not going to quibble about their data (even though it’s not quite accurate) because