Pre-schoolers perform better in school

The Star-Ledger, a New Jersey newspaper, reports that low-income New Jersey children who attended preschool performed better in school. “The percentage of kids who had to repeat kindergarten or first grade was twice as high for those who did not attend preschool, as it was for those who started at age 3,” the paper reported.

Know more than just up or down

Test results came out for some of our local schools recently. Washington, D.C. public school scores were up, especially in the elementary grades. Preliminary results showed an eight-percentage point and a four-percentage point gain for elementary students who were deemed “proficient” in math and reading, respectively. So are these gains good news? Always! But school board members

We need a background check

An article in the July 6th Washington Post, “Md. School Joins Test of Online Courses Tailored to Girls,” in my opinion, highlights two common traits of education. Educators tirelessly create new ways to improve students’ learning. But often, they don’t have the background to know why what they do succeeds or fails. The article describes