New CPE Report Connects High Schools to College Success

The Center’s latest report “High school rigor and academic advising: Setting up students to succeed” has already made some waves. As a matter of fact, the Chicago Tribune, The Christian Science Monitor, and Education Week have already written extensive articles about the report that show how high schools make a difference in whether or not

Revamping the GED

The Common Core standards have, in part, prompted yet another reform: that of the GED. Ed Week reports that the American Council on Education (which created the GED) and education publisher Pearson are redesigning the high school equivalency test. According to the article, part of the revamping will be to create two different passing points:

STEM for all

You may not think of Advanced Manufacturing, Utilities and Transportation, and Mining when you think of working in a STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) related field. But according to a report from Georgetown University’s Center on Education and the Workforce these are just some of the industries, historical providers of blue-collar, middle class jobs, that

How does your district compare to Finland?

Last week the Web site Global Report Card (GRC) was launched by the George W. Bush Presidential Center. It enables the public to compare their school district’s academic performance in math and reading to that of students in 25 developed countries around the world, including top-achieving Finland, Canada, Japan, and Singapore. Although the Web site is