Early education: Profiles from 10 states

Sometimes getting and maintaining a job can be difficult enough for some people in poverty. To further make matters complicated, when these people are parents, they additionally have to care for others, their children, which includes finding a preschool or childcare facility to look after their children during the day. To highlight what some states

What is it about Finland?

American education is suffering from Finn envy.  While the U.S. has been steadily but slowly climbing its way out of the mid-rankings on PISA — the international assessment of 15-year-olds — little Finland has been knocking the academic socks off of its OECD peers in math, reading and science.  So what do the Finns have

Class size vs. teacher quality

Yesterday, I wrote about how research clearly shows that class size does matter for poor and minority students in the early grades. However, as the NBC Nightly News segment also pointed out, critics of smaller class sizes argue that increasing class size can give a greater number of students an opportunity to be taught by