Is high school tough enough?

Is the high school curriculum tough enough? Education initiatives as broad as the Common Core State Standards, grant organizations such as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and legislative actions like ESEA reauthorization all raise the issue in some way. All of these initiatives agree that high schools should produce “college and career-ready graduates,” and

It depends on how you define college

You’ll probably see some headlines today about the U.S. falling in yet another global ranking: this one about how many young adults finish college. Before you sigh over a declining country, or roll your eyes at an “education-bashing” story, though, take a look at the statistics. They raise a more interesting question than the usual

Measuring community college success

Different students, different goals, more data. Those are the sensible recommendations of a committee tasked by the Education Department to strengthen how the government measures community colleges’ success. Basically, the draft report of the committee (which is still open for discussion) outlines several goals: * Broaden the coverage of student graduation data to reflect the

The point of community college

Here’s one answer to my recent post about the point of community college: the point is to finish. Whether that’s by transferring to a four-year institution, completing a two-year degree, or completing a certificate, the point is to accomplish the program you started. But a recent article in The Chronicle of Higher Education points out