Good news, bad news from latest ACT results

ACT results for the Class of 2013 were released today and despite the drop in overall scores, more high school graduates are prepared for college. The decline in scores may be due to the fact for the first time ACT is including students who required accommodations, such as more time to take test, in the

Does the Voucher Study Meet the Gold Standards?

The Friedman Foundation may declare that the new Brookings Institute report on school vouchers uses the ‘Gold Standard’ in research but certainly the foundation’s founder wouldn’t have won his Nobel Prize using such methods. Yes, Milton Friedman, the father of school choice, would have lauded the finding that school vouchers improve college-going rates for black

More graduates ready for college math and science, according to ACT report

The number of high school graduates ready for first year college math and science courses continues to increase, according to The Condition of College & Career Readiness 2012 report released today.  This is likely due to a significant increase in the number of graduates completing more math and science courses over the past several years.

SAT scores dropped while ACT scores rose

Today’s 2011 SAT results provide conflicting findings on how prepared high graduates are for the rigors of college courses. On one hand, last month’s ACT results showed a slight increase in scores while this year’s SAT results show a fairly significant decline. Unfortunately, there is no clear reason for these conflicting results, especially as more

More students ‘college ready,’ according to ACT report

There was a slight increase in the percent of 2011 high school graduates ready for college English, math, social science, and science courses, according to The Condition of College & Career Readiness 2011 report released today.  It is good news that the percent of students considered “college ready” increased, especially since it has been increasing for