FairTest’s Ironic Misuse of SAT Results

I find it ironic that an organization whose sole mission is to end the misuse of tests then blatantly misuses test scores themselves. That is exactly what the National Center for Fair and Open Testing (FairTest) did yesterday with their claim that yesterday’s SAT results show that NCLB has been a detriment to our students’

Looking for a Fall Internship?

Looking for a real world experience conducting education research for the Fall 2012 semester? Then look no further. NSBA’s Center for Public Education (The Center) seeks an intern to work closely with the Center’s senior policy analyst in conducting education policy research. The Center is a national resource for accurate, timely, and credible information about

Poverty Not the Reason Teachers Labeled Ineffective

It’s no secret that most teachers are not fans of being evaluated based on student test scores.  This is true even though, according to the findings of an upcoming teacher survey from EdSector, the majority of teachers believe they should receive pay increases if they consistently receive outstanding evaluations from their principals . The survey also

Tests worth teaching to

Standardized tests don’t get a lot of love. Kids don’t like to take them. Teachers resent the time they take away from instruction. Critics say they reduce knowing to the ability to parrot the right response at the expense of critical thinking and problem solving. And the wonks say that if those high-level skills don’t get measured, they won’t get taught.