Schoolwork worth doing

“Ok, students, it’s time to get out your crayons!” Hearing this never fails to delight kindergarteners in the classroom. But what about in seventh grade social studies, even if colored pencils are substituted for crayons?  Outside of art class, does drawing really represent the kind of work middle-schoolers should be doing to get ready for

Minority students make big gains on NAEP but gaps remain

Minority students have made significant gains over the past four decades in both math and reading, according to the 2012 long-term NAEP results. While most white students made significant gains as well, achievement gaps narrowed considerably since minority students made much larger gains than their white peers. However, large achievement gaps still remain.   Reading Results 9 Year olds

Students need to learn their civics

Results are in from the 2010 NAEP civics assessment of 4th, 8th, and 12th graders, and they were not very encouraging. According to NAEP, the civics assessment measures “…the civics knowledge and skills that are crucial to the responsibilities of citizenship in America’s constitutional democracy.” Overall, the results showed little improvement in students’ civic knowledge in skills since