Toward a P-3 agenda

Today the Pre-K Coalition released a policy brief addressing policies, strategies and best practices related to aligning pre-K and K-3 school programs and services. The coalition comprises seven leading national K-12 organizations, including NSBA.  The Importance of Aligning Pre-K through 3rd Grade highlights the value of sharing data, resources and professional conversations across sectors who traditionally have had little or contact.  This brief

The best early childhood education you can provide

What’s the best early childhood combination communities can provide? Until now, research hasn’t had an answer. Although there is a wealth of research on pre-k and on kindergarten, they have been examined mainly in isolation. The Center for Public Education’s new report, “Starting Out Right,” looks at the effect of various combinations of pre-k and

How does the U.S. compare?

Comparing the performance of the U.S. education system to other countries is anything but straightforward. Take for example math. How well does the U.S. perform in math compared to other countries? You probably heard something along the lines of: U.S. students scored below the international average in math and ranked 25th out of 34 industrialized