How much ACTUAL influence do principals think they have on school decisions?

Principal’s autonomy refers to the power or authority that principals use to make major decisions around many aspects of their schools. More autonomy enables principals to exercise their leadership and contribute to the success of school performance. During the last decades, the role of public school principals has changed, and so has their influence inside

The writing’s on the wall…and the ceiling, and the floor, and the desks, and the chalkboard: Leadership structures in schools are flawed

This week, MetLife released its Survey of the American teacher results, a poll done every year as a way for those in the schools to share their perspectives with policy makers and the American public.  Headlines quickly latched onto the finding that teacher satisfaction has dropped 23 percent since 2008. Several writers responded, critiquing the

Are schools replicating the mistakes of American car companies?

Yesterday I caught the Charlie Rose show, and while the topic wasn’t education, a comment a guest made got me thinking about whether we have a fatal flaw in our leadership structure in the public schools.  Rose had invited Michael Moritz, a venture capitalist with Sequoia Capital, onto the show.  The conversation meandered in many