The silent achievement gap

I’m delighted to see our Chasing the college acceptance letter report making the rounds in the blogosphere and beyond. Some comments on those blog posts have made particular mention of the fact that it has gotten more difficult for qualified low-income students to get into a good college. This got me wondering as well, but unfortunately

Be wise about applying

What does it take to get into college? “The right software package” seems to be the newest answer. A press release came across our desks yesterday about ApplyWise, a college admissions counseling software package. The company that produces ApplyWise has established a partnership with well-known test prep company Kaplan to offer “the ultimate guide to getting

Are teachers really serving their students well?

This week, Deloitte LLP released a report based on its national educational survey asking 401 teachers what they thought was their primary mission. Deloitte then asked 601 lower-income students what they thought was the most important purpose of high school. The report suggests that there is a major disconnect between what students want out of